tisdag 8 juni 2010

A dandelion that will not be loved!

I thought I had finished writing about dandelions; I thought that learning to love them was the beginning of a healing process where all would live happily every after.

Ystads Allehanda today has two articles about Brantevik. One begins 'All of Brantevik is a meditative place'. The other, on the same page and with three times as much print space, credited to Emma Lawesson, reports that the 'questioned' house on Vejastigen is vandalised for the second time. This time, the report reads, someone has damaged the mailbox and painted two long lines with blue oil paint on the house's facade, with damage estimated at 50,000 SEK (about 5,000 Euro). The damage is reported to have happened sometime between the 1st and 4th June and the owners cannot be more specific than that because it is a 'free-time' house. The article continues that the house borders a nature protected area and that the extension has been objected to by neighbours.

I read the article over breakfast and went out to see the reported damage. I couldn't find the mailbox but, guided by one of the garden workers, I saw and photographed two very small blue marks.

The house has been a building site for about nine months, with building workers and now gardeners working full-time, and the owners are regular visitors to the site. The mailbox was taken away last October when the fence was taken down by the builders.

Neighbours are bewildered. They must live with the arrogance of the owners, the offencive extension (yes, even if it is an expensive and high quality building, it is offensive because it is in the wrong place) and, now while the Administrative Court considers their verdict, there is what seems like the 'seeding' of an impression that the neighbours are the problem.

Yet again, an article in Ystads Allehanda leaves a bad impression and leads one to wonder about the motivation behind the articles. There is the added problem that someone is coming to this beautiful and meditative area and causing physical damage, even if it is on a minor scale.

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