tisdag 1 juni 2010

Marginally worse is still worse

The regional newspaper, Ystads Allehanda, today carries an article about yesterday's meeting at Vejastigen. Gert Ljungqvist writes that it was a hearing of the Administrative Court in Malmö. This is a higher level than Länsstyrelsen who are reported to have given approval for the changes, extensions, and rebuilting. The Administrative Court hearing, on site, is part of the review process that is to give a result in two weeks. The neighbours are reported to feel pushed-over by the owners of No. 21 and by the local Building Office, who argue that the changes and extensions make the situation for the neighbour in the adjoining house 'only marginally worse'.

The article doesn't create a good impression. I find this very interesting.

Most people who comment on the extension and rebuilding on the northern side of 21 Vejastigen express shock and horror that it can happen, and can be allowed to happen. All are sympathetic towards the man who lives in the adjoining house and who would appear to be the big loser in all of this. He is in his early 80s and his lifestyle reflects, on a micro scale, all that is good about Sweden and how Sweden earned its reputation for fairness and sustainable living.

I am reminded of expressions my mother, who is now in her 100th year, loved to teach us as children : if you are big, be mercyful! Might may not always be right!

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